Beta Fish aka Siamese Fighting Fish

Beta Fish aka Siamese Fighting Fish

The Siamese fighting fish is called as betta in the USA. Betta is often misspelled with one t and pronounced as beta.

Betta fish or the beta fish are native to the freshwater ponds in Thailand and Cambodia. They are found in the shallow water puddles of the paddy fields. As they are found in the shallow muddy ponds, they can survive in low-oxygen water.

Betta fish or beta fish are found in tropical climates and hence can thrive in temperature between 70 to 85 deg F. How long do betta fish live depends on the duplication of their native living conditions in the beta fish tank. Beta fish breathe the oxygen in the atmosphere through a unique organ called labyrinth. As they breathe from the surface of the water, the beta fish tanks can be shallow. When the tanks are shallow, betta or the beta fish would not waste their energy swimming the full depth of the tank, to reach the surface for breathing.

Beta fish are loved for their beautiful colors and long and flowing fins. These bright and varied colors or the flowing fins are not associated with the beta fish found in the wild. The beautiful colors and the exotic fins are the results of successful breeding by numerous breeders. The long fins prevent the beta fish from moving around the tanks swiftly. Presence of strong water currents would make their movements difficult.

Betta fish or beta fish are aggressive fish. They are territorial aggressors and fight with other fish intruding into their territory. That is the reason, beta fish or betta fish are kept single. There are some species of fish that get along well with the beta fish. The beta fish tankmates should not be smaller in size than the beta fish. They should not have beautiful colors or long fins like the beta fish. They may mistake the other fish to be their competitors and attack them.

In the wild, beta fish feed on the mosquito larvae or other insects. Beta fish can be fed with live or frozen blood worms, brine shrimps, fish flakes and pellets. Betta fish or beta fish are not prolific eaters and as such can be fed once a day or once in two days. If fed often, the wastes the fish produce can poison the water in the beta fish tank and can be a source for many diseases. How long does the beta fish live depends on giving the beta fish with clean beta fish tanks and clean water.

Beta fish or the betta fish are loved and kept as pets in houses and offices. The beautiful colors, flowing fins, and interactive traits make the beta fish, the most wonderful fish.

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