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World Renowned Betta Fish Expert reveals little known strategies to help maintain a healthy, happy and colorful Betta fish that will live twice as long as an average Pet Betta Fish!

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It was over a decade ago that I first happened to see a betta while I was on a visit at my friends home. It was amazing watching this fish exhibit gorgeous colors, exotic fins and interactive personality. I could not wait to visit the neighborhood pet store to buy a pet betta fish. I bought a half moon betta fish from the pet shop the very same day. I was very excited watching my new pet swim happily in its new environment. Unlike other breeds of fish, a beta fish is very social and can recognize its owner. My pet beta became very attached to me and I used to spend hours watching my beta fish glide across the water and dart towards me whenever I moved close to the tank. But my joy was short lived. In a couple of days, my betta fell sick and eventually, to my great sorrow, died. It was the most devastating moment of my life to see my betta float sideways, motionless, in the tank. When I first noticed that my betta was sick, I inquired with several pet stores and also browsed online for information but no one seemed to know what disease my beta had and how to get it cured. All I could find was misinformation and contradictory information from different sources.

I realized that it was my ignorance that lead to the death of my betta. I decided I would not let another betta die due to lack of knowledge. I set upon gathering all the information that was available about bettas. I browsed through thousands of pages on internet containing facts about betta fish, read books and talked to expert betta breeders, including a world renowned betta fish expert from Thailand. I have since been able to learn so much about this awesome fish. I want to share with you the knowledge I gathered over the past ten years. I have bundled this knowledge into a free 7-day email mini course on betta fish care. Thousands of other betta fish lovers who have subscribed to this free 7-day email course have found out the right way to raise a healthy and beautiful betta fish. At the end of the course, you would realize that caring for your betta is a lot simpler and easier than you ever thought. This course will make caring for your betta, an exciting experience.

  • Betta Fish Facts Betta Fish Life Span, Why bettas fight, Types of Betas, etc.
  • Why maintaining the correct tank temperature is critical to raising a healthy, happy betta
  • How to breed exotic betta fish varieties and make a living out of it
  • Common betta diseases How to identify and cure them using the right medicines
  • Setting up a beautiful Aquarium How to setup, maintain and pre-cycle your tank
  • How to monitor Ammonia and Nitrate levels in the tank and ensure they do NOT exceed levels of safety

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