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Looking for betta fish for sale? Consider the following facts before buying a betta fish.

Betta Fish for Sale

Betta fish with their beautiful colors,  flowing fins, and interactive personality are considered as one of the most wonderful aquarium fishes and hence find their way to a lot of homes and offices as pets. Although native to the shallow water ponds found in the wild in Thailand and Cambodia, betta fish for sale in many countries are the result of many successful breeding techniques.

You can find betta fish for sale in many pet shops and departmental stores. Most often these fish are abused in these stores. They are put in small glass vases with only a little water. They are kept in dirty environments where the fish are susceptible to diseases. You would not want to take home a betta fish with diseases. Hence, always choose to buy a betta fish from a place that is clean and maintained properly.

Betta fish have a very short life span of 3 to 5 years. The betta fish for sale may have been in the pet stores for a long period of time. In such circumstances, the betta you buy would be spending only a part of its total life span with you. Ensure that the betta fish for sale is less than 6 months old.

The male bettas have long flowing fins while the females do not have fins. The females are not as colourful as the males. That is the reason why betta fish for sale are almost always male bettas. Bettas are aggressive territorial fish and will fight to guard their territory against other intruders. That is the reason why a male betta fish is always kept alone. When you already own a male betta, buying another male betta would necessitate a new tank.

Bettas can be easily affected by diseases. While buying a betta, select a betta that is free from disease. A healthy betta has bright and vibrant colors. A sick betta looks pale and its colors are dull. When its sick, its tail and fins are clamped, closed and appear like falling apart. Its belly looks too hollow or abnormally swollen. Buying the healthiest betta from the betta fish for sale, would save you a lot of trouble and make caring easy.

There are many breeders who breed betta fish for sale. They would also give you helpful advice on growing a happy and healthy betta. For people who cannot find breeders close to home or do not like to buy from pet stores, options are available online.

Always make sure you do some research on where you are buying the Betta’s from, not all places are created equal when it comes to purchasing your new friend. Most of the places to avoid have already been pointed out, but still do your due diligence before making the decision.

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