Betta Fish Names Types of Betta Fish

Betta Fish Names and Types of Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish

There are many different types of betta fish. Betta fish may sometimes be referred to by their scientific name which is the Betta Splendens. They are also called as siamese fighting fish. As a result of breeding by experts, they have taken an extensive range of colors, fin types, and patterns. There exist many different betta fish names depending on the color, pattern and fin types. It is hard to name all betta fish typeshere as it makes a very long list. We will discuss the most important types of betta fish and the betta fish names.

Betta Fish Finnage Types
Veil Tail Betta is the most commonly found long fin betta Splendens fish. This is the type of beta fish that is usually found in the pet shops.
Double Tail Betta has twin fins, the dorsal fin, and the anal fin. Both the fins of this type of beta fish are equal in length.
Round Tail Betta has a single tail. The tail has rounded edges and that is the reason why it is called round tail beta fish.
Delta Tail Betta has a tail that has straight caudal edges and extending outwards from the back of the fish.
Half Moon Betta Fish has a huge tail that spreads straight up and straight down with full dorsal and symmetrical anal fin. The Half Moon Betta Fish is the most admired of all the Siamese fighter fish types.

Beta fish Color Variations
Blue betta fish and Red betta fish are the most popular color variations in beta fish. Breeders have developed different color varieties. Colors available are red, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, green and bright blue. Breeders are continuously developing new varieties of betta which are exciting and enjoyable.

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