Betta Fish With Other Fish | What fish can live with bettas as betta tank mates

Betta Fish with Other Fish What Fish can Live with Bettas as Betta Tank Mates

Betta Fish With Other Fish | What fish can live with bettas as betta tank mates

Can you house betta fish with other fish? An interesting fact about bettas is that though they attack other bettas,  they tend to get along well with other fish species. Bettas are aggressive fish. It is not without reason that they are called Siamese fighting fish.

The male bettas are known to be very aggressive towards other bettas and will fight each other, to defend their territory, until the opponent backs down or gets seriously injured. This aggressive nature is the reason for keeping the bettas single.

Males and females also should not be housed together except for the purpose of breeding. All bettas have a very strong individual personality. Anyone betta may be overly aggressive and may have to be separated from the tank. Female bettas tend to claim dominance and bully the other. Hence, when housing females together, it is preferable to keep them in groups of three or more (in odd numbers).

What fish can live with bettas?

Bettas mix well with other community fish. Betta tankmates should not be those brightly colored fish or fish with long flashy fins. Bettas will harass and nip at such fish mistaking them to be threatening male bettas. In the same way, bettas should not be left in the company of other aggressive or fin nipping fish. Nipped betta fish become infected and are open to other diseases.

Bettas are tropical freshwater fish. They cannot survive with cold water fish like goldfish. Small fish like corydoras, catfish are ideal betta tank mates. They are peaceful bottom dwellers and will clean up any food the betta drops. The tank size is an important factor to consider when adding other fish. Before introducing other fish, ensure that the tank size can hold the total fish load and has proper filtration and aeration.

Always, add other species of fish to the tank, before adding the betta, so as to make the betta feel that he is a newcomer. The betta is less likely to view the tank as his sole territory, then. Some bettas will attack anything put in the water with it. You need to observe them keenly. The following species are known to do well as betta tank mates: Otocinclus, Corydoras, Snails, ghost shrimp, Neon/Cardinal Tetras, African dwarf frogs, platies, and white cloud mountain minnows.

Every betta has an individual trait and so it is always necessary to observe closely the behavior of betta fish with other fish. In case, you spot an aggressive behavior, separate it from its companion.

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