How to Breed Betta Fish: Easy Eight Steps Guide to Successful Breeding

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Step by Step Guide to Breeding Betta Fish

Some people might think that fish consider being boring pets because they cannot cuddle, run, play, and do fun things together. Those people also consider fish as a pet with no character or personality. We could not blame them for having that thought but they absolutely miss some interesting things.

Having a fish as a pet can actually be fun and it can bring happiness to our life. We still can do fun things by having fish as a pet, for instance how to breed betta fish. There are a hundred types of fish that can be our pet, but there is something really interesting about one kind of fish, that is betta fish.

Having a betta fish as a pet has become popular these days worldwide. Small, colorful, and beautiful have become some reasons why people like to take betta fish as their favorite pet. It is not a boring thing anymore to have betta fish as a pet.

The beauty of betta fish is more than worth enjoying for hours. For the type of people who like to stay in a calm situation, serene, and peaceful after going through a tiring day, enjoying the show of betta fish in the tank can be another level of therapy.

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You might think that fish is not an attractive pet compared to other kinds of pets such as dogs or cats. But you cannot get it wrong because if you want to study the betta fish, they are very unique. Each fish has their own characteristic if you want to look them closer.

It can be seen by how many people decided to take betta fish as their precious pet nowadays. Even the betta fish trading has become profitable as the high demand for betta fish. The price of betta fish itself is not joking. There are some types of expensive betta fish because of the unique types, the beauty of its fine, the uniqueness of its colors are just amazing.

Here are some reasons why keeping betta fish as a pet is a wonderful choice.

The Best Reasons to Keep Betta Fish as a Pet

Are you considering having betta fish as your pet? Are you still hesitating that? Choosing a pet is absolutely not an easy decision. Having a pet means that you are ready to take more responsibility because you need to do your best to take care of your pet.

Choosing a dog or cat may be sound fun but you have to remember that the type of pet such as dog and cat needs lots of attention. Choosing fish, especially betta fish, as your pet might be the best choice because there are some strong reasons to admit it. Finding out how to do betta fish mate might be hard to do, but there are always good reasons to choose betta fish as your best pet.

Easy to take care

Having a pet usually needs lots of requirements to do, but not a betta fish. Betta fish are the best choice for you if you want to enjoy a beautiful pet that does not require lots of money, work, and time to take care of too. Yet, betta fish still bring happiness to you because you can enjoy their beauty and unique behavior.

You can leave the betta fish alone for extended periods of time without worrying that they will be bored to be alone. Furthermore, you do not need to prepare a big room for them because one small tank is enough for them as long as the water is clean.

Talking about the tank, you also do not need to clean up its tank because the tank already has a filter to keep the water clean. You also do not need to pat or cuddle them when you are really tired and need some rest. They do not require you many things compared to other kinds of pets or even other types of fish.

No need to feed the bettas all the time

Unlike other pets that need to feed on time, betta fish do not require you to feed them three times a day at the exact time. It has been proven that betta fish even can survive for a half month without food. This small little creature is the real fighter because they can survive on that period of time without food.

This might sound terrible for some of us, but if you are planning to have a vacation for a week, you do not need to hire a pet sitter. You do not need to drop off the betta fish at someone’s house who can take care of your pet.

When you are busy doing your works outside for a day, it is not a big problem for betta fish to survive. Compared with other pets such as ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs, or cats, they need to be fed on time or they will cause some chaos.

The bettas do not cost high

The preparation to have betta fish as your pet does not cost much. You just need to buy any-size tank you prefer, buy the betta fish, buy its food, and some tank decorations if you want to. Compared with other kinds of types, it costs differently.

While having a dog or cat you have to prepare its bed, its house, its toilet, its expensive food, its toys, some amount of money to keep its fur beautiful, and many other things. It obviously costs a lot. So that is why having betta fish as a pet is the best choice if you do not want to spend lots amount of money on pets.  

They are pretty

We all agree that betta fish are beautiful. They come in different wonderful colors and even mixed colors. That is why people like to keep it as a pet. Besides, the beautiful color of betta fish can be coordinated with the furniture you use in your room.

While you are stressed, watching your betta fish swim and move its flowy fins for hours can be delightful. Betta fish also come in unique and special patterns that can match the one that you will like.

They can live alone

Betta fish considers an anti-social fish that do not need friends. If you want to keep only one fish, that is totally not a big problem since they like to live alone. If you put two male betta fish together, they might kill each other.

Even if you want to put male and female betta fish in one tank, the chance for them to kill each other is still possible. They have to adapt to each other and you better put them in different thank first. But if you just want to keep one betta fish, you do not need to worry that they will feel lonely.

You can breed them

When you have already fallen in love with betta fish and taking care of them is too easy for you, you might try to breed them. Taking care of betta fish is indeed not a big deal, but breeding them is another level.

You can surely breed them but it is not easy works to do. You have to learn first how to breed betta fish properly because betta fish is an anti-social fish. They need time to adapt to each other before you put them in the same tank.

But before you decide to breed betta fish, you need to know some popular types of betta fish to help you choose the best one that suits you.

Do you know that there are more than 100 types of betta fish? There are lots of names and types of betta fish you need to know before deciding to breed it. Betta fish are commonly characterized by their shape of fins, color, size, and patterns.

Find out the best type of betta fish that is perfect for you.

1. Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta might be looking like the natural look of betta fish because they exactly look like the one you will find in nature. Compare to other types of betta fish you will mostly find at the pet shop, Plakat Betta has a short and round tail.

People also mostly have mistaken Plakat Betta as female betta fish because of its short fins. Plakat Betta is also well known as a fighting fish as it has a sturdier body than other types of bettas. Furthermore, they will have fewer injuries to their fins while fighting compared to other long-tail types of bettas.

Even though it is known as short tail bettas, the male Plakat Betta has a longer tail and more colorful bodies rather than the male Plakat Betta. You can find lots of Plakat bettas breed in Southern Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia because they are still in high demand. Besides. When Plakat bettas breed with other types of bettas. It will give birth to wonderful colorful betta fish.

2. Crown-tail Betta

The name shows itself, does not it? This kind of betta fish is the most attractive and notable for its spectacular tail. The shape of the tail from crown-tail Betta fish is spiky and it just looks like a crown.

An amazing fun fact about this kind of betta fish is that this first is firstly bred by Indonesian, Ahmad Yusuf, about 25 years ago. Then, it is mostly bred in Southern Asia including Thailand and Vietnam.

The male and female difference of this kind of betta fish is that the male shows extraordinary colors with long tails and fins. Meanwhile, the female usually has a shorter tail with lighter colors.

There are three different options of Crowntail betta including single ray, double, and crossed rays. The crossed ray becomes the most attractive and expensive one. it usually has a full 180-degree spread tail which is extravagant. Moreover, it comes in a variation of colors that you can choose based on your preferences.

3. Half Moon Betta

The name of Halfmoon betta is the explanation of this kind of betta fish. It reflects its tail shape perfectly. The tail of Halfmoon betta is largely creating the shape of a half-moon that comes with amazing different colors.

You will not find it in the wild nature because Halfmoon betta is surely bred in captivity. It was first bred around the 1980s and it did not take long to make it popular in Europe and other countries. Then it becomes really popular among fish lovers due to its beauty.

A fun fact about Halfmoon betta is that basically, Halfmoon and Crowntail have a lot of similarities in common. They have the same characteristic that they need an entire tank for themselves. They both are well-known as aggressive fish that you cannot put more than one Halfmoon or Crowntail in one tank.

That will be a huge problem if you put two aggressive bettas in one tank because it can damage their fins. So even though Halfmoon and Crowntail bettas are aggressive, they are not fighting fish due to their fins.

Another fun fact about Halfmoon betta fish is that its male betta finds it difficult to mate with the female Halfmoon betta. The reason is that the female Halfmoon betta has a longer tail that makes it hard to wrap the male betta. That is why it is not easy work to breed Halfmoon bettas.

4. Double Tail Betta

Who does not want to have two beautiful tails fish? Isn’t it a gift? This amazing kind of betta fish is obviously created by a strictly breeding process. The genetic mutation works really well then it can create a new variant of wonderful double tail betta.

It is known that Double Tail Betta fish are the types of rare betta fish since it is really hard to breed them. this Double Tail Betta comes from the cross-breeding of Double Tail with other types for instance Halfmoon, Plakat, or Crowntail to get wonderful looking betta fish.

Moreover, Double Tail Betta comes to have low survival rates as it is easy to get fins and swim bladder diseases. It is hard to keep it survive because you need to make sure that the tank is always in good condition that will not damage the Double Tail Betta.

This rare type of betta fish becomes very expensive but it is still in high demand in the market. Double Tail Betta is mostly bred in Southeast Asia including Thailand. But if you want to have this betta fish, you need to work hard to find it because you might not find it in the local pet shop. 

5. Combtail Betta

If you look slightly at Combtail Betta, you might think that it is similar to Crowntail. And, yes, it is. The Combtail Betta is also known as Half-Sun Betta. The difference is on the thinner and longer fins of Combtail Betta compared to Crowntail Betta.

Combtail Bettas usually have webbing that is more than half of the way up to its tail. This hybrid of Crowntail Betta can be easily bred with other types of betta fish. Combtail will be a perfect pet for you since it has an amazing shape of tail and colors.

6. Rosetail Betta

Another rare type of betta fish is Rosetail Betta which has a rose-look-alike tail. Both the Rosetail and Half-Moon Betta have some similarities. But one significant difference between them is that Rosetail Bettas have a larger tail with more ruffle edges than Half-Moon Betta.

The ruffles on the edges of the tail make it looks like rose petal, that is why it is named Rosetail Betta. This mesmerizing tail only comes by genetic mutation with difficult breeding techniques. So, because it is a genetic mutation, this type of bettas is difficult to breed and take care of.

Rosetail bettas are highly prone to fins and other diseases. That is why you need to prepare the right condition if you want to take it as your pet. There are many cases that said that Rosetail bettas mostly died prematurely.

Breeding Betta Fish

After finding out some popular types of betta fish and considering taking betta fish as a pet, you might want to try something more challenging, breeding betta fish. Breeding betta fish will be a challenging thing to do because some types of betta fish are difficult to breed.

Breeding betta fish can be a wonderful and profitable hobby as betta fish still have high demand in the local and global market. But no matter what your reasons are for breeding betta fish, there are some important things to prepare since betta fish are not included in the easiest species to breed.

Before breeding the betta fish, you need to be able to set up your time, money, and some equipment for the breeding process. Besides, you must have the knowledge to understand the right method of breeding betta fish. You also need to understand the step of how to breed betta fish so that you know exactly what you must do.

Before starting it, you need to some researches to enrich your knowledge about breeding betta fish. Ending it up with failure is the thing you must avoid, right? So, to make sure that it will work, prepare yourself with the best knowledge and understanding of everything about breeding betta fish.

Some Steps of Breeding Betta Fish

There are many techniques you can try to breed betta fish. Here, we are going to talk about some general steps to breed betta fish at home. If you are new and have no idea what should you prepare and do to breed your betta fish, you are in the right place.

When you are starting to breed any animal, it is crucial for you to know as much as you can about that animal. For betta fish, there will be more than 600 eggs in just one spawn. It means that you will take care of more than 500 baby betta fish if they mostly survive.

You need to put in mind beforehand what will you do with those baby betta fish once they survive. That also means that you need well-preparations including its food, its tank, and your time to take care of them.

You can take breeding betta fish as your hobby, or you might take it for supply. If that is the case, there are bigger undertaking that requires you a large space, money, and time. It needs professionals to take breeding betta fish to make a profit because it needs some time for you to know exactly the best way to breed betta fish.

Read some steps of how to breed betta fish down below intensively!

1. Prepare the best permanent tank

If you think that you are ready to breed, the first step of preparation you need to prepare is the permanent tank for your betta fish. This is the crucial step for breeding betta fish because the tank condition will determine the breeding process.

You might see a lot of betta fish placed in a small plastic bowl. That kind of house for betta fish will only make the fish suffer and sick. They surely came from a shallow stream but it does not mean that you can place them in a small bowl or tank.

If you want to have a healthy and happy betta fish, you need to give them a healthy environment to them. They at least live in more than 5 gallons tanks with nitrogen cycle. It is not just a betta fish tank because you need to complete it with a filter and heater.

The filter is needed to keep the water clean and decrease the harmful bacteria that can damage your betta fish. Betta fish have flowing long tails that you need to take care of so that they need a gentle filter to avoid any damage.

Besides, the heater is also needed since betta fish come from tropical areas which are mostly hot. You need to keep monitoring the water temperature and the water heater will help you and keep the temperature around 70 up to 80 degrees of Fahrenheit.

You can also add some gravel and decorations as a hiding place for your betta as they like to hide somewhere. Gravels are important for the tank ecosystem and the small and smooth gravels are the best for your betta because they will not hurt your betta.

Meanwhile, for the accessories, you can put small caves and some real or fake plants. Real plants are the best, but if you want to use fake plants, you need to use silk plants so they will not harm the delicate fins of your bettas. You can also put on some lights that come with automatic timers.

2. Prepare the best breeding tank

The second preparation you must prepare is the breeding tank. You have to keep in mind that you cannot do the breeding process in the male tank. That will only make the breeding process fail because the male betta will see the babies as a threat.

The male betta will take care of the fry only until they are able to swim freely. After that, you need to take the make betta and put him in his tank. If you keep the betta male in the breeding tank, it might turn into a disaster because the beta male can attack them.

Besides, fry or baby betta fish are really fragile and they need to leave in clean water with the right temperature and condition. There are more than 500 betta fish fries in one spawn so that you have to make sure to provide them with a huge tank.

The breeding tank will be at least a 10 gallons tank completed with a lid and without any substrate. You also need a submersible heater, seasoned sponge filter, air pump, LED lights, and plastic wrap to make sure that the tank has good condition.

3. Choose the best betta breeding pair

Choosing betta breeding is the most important step in the breeding process. The success of the breeding process will be based on the betta breeding pair you will choose. If you want to have more possibilities for successful breeding, you can buy the breeding pair from a trustworthy breeder.

You have spent lots of money to prepare the tanks and other equipment, so that will be hurtful if the breeding fails because you choose the wrong breeding pair. The good betta breeding pair is around 6 up to 8 months old and they have a similar dominant color.

Here are some considerations for you while choosing the betta breeding pair.

a. Choosing the best betta male breeding

There are some considerations you need to think about before choosing the betta male breeding including its energy, color, and fins. To get the best result of the breeding process, you need to see the energy level of the male betta. When your male betta does not seem energized, the female betta will not be really interesting to him.

For the coloration, some studies have proven that female bettas prefer to choose red male bettas rather than blue male bettas. It is also said that the red color indicates a healthy immune system and good genes. So, if you want to have a bigger chance to have successful breeding, you might choose the red male betta.

Moreover, fins also become an important health indicator of male betta. If it has strong immune, the small injure will be healed quickly in one or two days. So, choose the male betta that has minor or no fins injury because it has been healed. Besides, the female betta will be more attracted to the male betta that has undamaged and long fins.

b. Choosing the best female breeding betta fish

For the best female breeding, the one that has a large body is better. It is not only the size of its body but also the condition of the female betta. The healthy one will be actively moving and has no injury on its body.

The best breeding pair will be them that have similar dominant colors, so make sure that your female betta has a similar color to the female. If you buy it from a reputable breeder, ask them about its genetic background to ensure that the breeding will be successful. You also have to make sure that the female betta has a similar size to the male betta.

4. Create the best environment for breeding

After making sure that you already have the equipment and the chosen bettas, it is time for you to do the breeding process. Once, you have to make them familiar with the environment. You need to be able to create the best environment and conditions in order to make the breeding successful.

a. Let the bettas settle in

Before you start the breeding process, it will be better for you to settle in your betas in the new environment. The best period of time to let your bettas be familiar with the new environment is around some months, a minimum of 2 weeks.

In this process, you have to introduce the male and the female regularly. You need to devote at least a few hours every day for at least 2 months. Because you have to do it every single day, make sure that you have no plan to go somewhere.

b. Set up the breeding tank

While devoting the male and female bettas, you also have to prepare the breeding tank. Set up the breeding tank without adding any gravel or decorations. The presence of gravel or decorations only decreases the possibility of breeding success.

Set up the breeding tank about 27 degrees Celsius and fill the tank with 5″ up to 6″ of water. Moreover, you also need to avoid the breeding tank from any distractions including human activities, other fish, and bright colors.

c. Feed the live food for the bettas

You might wonder what do betta fish eat? Live food including bloodworms and shrimp is the best start for your bettas breeding pair. Other ideas of live food for your breeding pair can be crickets, worms, roaches, or any other insects. That will be great if you can raise them yourself to avoid any dirt, chemicals, or bacteria that might contain in wild insects.

Another way to have healthy live food for your betta breeding pair is by buying from a pet shop or reputable breeder. If it is not available, you can also try to give you bettas freeze-dried bloodworms and shrimp.

5. Introduce the male to the female betta

When your bettas breeding pair are already familiar with the new environment and the live food, then it is the best time to introduce the male and the female betta. Keep them at distance but let them see each other.

You can put them in the same tank with a glass divider or you can put them close in their own tank. It is important for them to see each other first before you put them together in one tank without a divider. You can keep them close for a few hours each day or you can separate them for a few days then let them see each other for some more days.

While keeping them close, you have to observe their behavior. Observe and see how they react to see each of them. Are they interested in each other? When the male is interested, he will show his fins, swim around, show off. If they are flaring to each other, it means that you still cannot put them in one tank without a divider.

6. Breeding process

There are some important things that happen when the breeding process starts.

a. Put them together

Based on your observation, if you think both of your bettas show any interest in each other, it means they are ready to be placed in the same tank. If the male betta is ready to breed, he will build a bubble nest that will take 2 or 3 days.

That means that the female betta is ready to be released in the same tank. At this point, you have to keep an eye on the. Observe again if the male will bully the female. Make sure you give them places for hiding to escape when the bullying happens.

b. The courtship processes

Once the male and the female get into each other, the male beta will bring the female under the bubble nest, then the courtship processes happen. It will take more than one embraces to produce and reproduce eggs.

When the eggs are ready, the female will release its eggs and the eggs will fall to the ground. Then, the male betta will scoop the eggs and put them into the bubble nest. Some female bettas will help the male to take their eggs, but some of them will eat their eggs. That is why, before the female eat the eggs, remove her from the tank.

7. The male will take care of its eggs

The male betta will take care of its eggs for 2 until 3 days. During this time, the male will spend his time caring and blowing more bubbles for its eggs. It is better for you to not feed the male to avoid him eating his eggs.

If you want to keep feeding him, you can give him a small amount of food and remove the food waste gently. You also have to remember to keep turning off the filter but keep turning on the light. The male betta will take care of the eggs until they hatch.

After the eggs hatch, the fry will fall down and the male will take them back to the nest. At this point, the male betta will be very busy putting the falling fry back on the nest. Once the fries are free swimming, you need to take the male out of the tank or he will harm the fry.

8. Feed the fry

After a few days, you are already able to feed the fry with microworms, brine shrimp, infusoria, or vinegar eels. You can feed them twice a day and observe how much they can eat. You have to keep observing the fry to make sure they eat properly.

You also need to increase the amount of food they eat because they are growing. If the breeding tank seems too full because they are getting bigger, you can start to move them into a bigger tank. Do not forget to keep monitoring the tank condition including the temperature, any possibility of infection, and chemical levels. Do not forget to clean a betta fish tank regularly. 

Conclusion and Frequently Asked Questions

After knowing much information about betta fish and how to breed betta fish, you might still wonder about some other things. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that breeding betta fish is not easy.

Even professionals get some failures and need to repeat the process to finally make the successful breeding. It is better for you to breed more than one pair so that you will see which pair will survive.

Here are some frequently asked questions that might be wondering you.

  • How long are betta fish pregnant?

The female betta will have the eggs in her ovipositor for about one up to two weeks.

  • What does a pregnant betta fish look like?

The female betta fish will never be pregnant because it is classified as spawning fish so that it lays eggs.

  • What do betta fish eggs look like?

Betta fish egg looks like a tiny orb.

  • How do betta fish mate without killing each other?

You need to introduce the male and female in separate places first. You can put their tank close to each other or use a divider in one tank.

  • How many times can a betta fish lay eggs?

The female betta actually can lay egg after having recovery time that can be around 2 weeks. After that time, the female betta can mate with the male betta again.

  • When is mating season for betta fish?

The best mating season for betta fish is around spring up to early summer.

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