Male Betta Fish and Female Betta Fish Differences and Similarities

Female Betta Fish and Male Betta Fish

Female Betta Fish

Betta fish are the most popular fish to own. They have beautiful colors, extravagant tales, and interactive personality. They come in various shades of blue, purple, red and white. Male betta fish appear in more vibrant shades of their usual colors and have longer fins. The female betta fish, on the other hand, wear stripes on their bodies and have shorter fins. The males are larger and much more colorful.

Bettas are known to be very aggressive towards other bettas. They will fight other bettas until the opponent backs out. It is due to this aggressive trait that the bettas are kept single. Female betta fish can be as aggressive as the male betta fish. It is only during breeding that the male and female can be kept together. If a male likes a female, he flares his grills, twists his body and spreads his fins. If the female betta likes the male betta, she wriggles back and fronts. It is a quite a sight to watch.

Female Betta

Bettas are egg laying fish. The male betta fish build bubble nests in a corner of the tank, to prepare for the arrival of the eggs. They gulp air and then spit out creating a bubble. They enclose the bubble in spit, to avoid the bubble from popping out. When the female has dropped the eggs, the male carries the eggs from the bottom of the tank to the bubble nest. When the female has no more eggs, the male betta will claim his territory and chase the female betta fish away. An unique trait of the bettas is that the male raises the kids. The male guards the eggs till they hatch. It protects the new brood of betta babies in his mouth.

The long fins prevent the male betta fish from swimming fast. Their long fins are often victims of nipping by other fish. That is the reason male bettas often do not do well in community tanks. The long fins cause them lot of discomfort, when there are currents in the tank. With their shorter fins, the females can glide through the tank and are not discomforted much by water currents. Most bettas offered for sale are male betta fish, which look more beautiful and colorful. But the female betta fish too can be a real delight. They have more personality to them than males.

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