The Best 12 Aquarium Fish With Big Lips (With Pictures)

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The best 12 aquarium fish with big lips include angel fish, discus fish, and kissing Gourami. These fish are known for their unique and attractive appearance, making them popular among aquarium enthusiasts.

Additionally, they are great additions to any tank due to their peaceful nature and compatibility with other fish species. Introducing fish with unique and eye-catching features can add a touch of beauty to any aquarium. One notable feature that captures attention is big lips.

With their unique appearance, these fish are often sought after by aquarium enthusiasts looking to create an attractive and visually appealing tank. We will explore the best 12 aquarium fish with big lips, discussing their characteristics, compatibility, and care needs. Whether you are a seasoned aquarium hobbyist or a beginner looking to venture into the world of fishkeeping, these fish can be a great addition to your aquatic environment. Find out more about these fascinating species and discover the perfect fish to enhance your aquarium’s beauty.

  1. Why Choose Aquarium Fish With Big Lips?
  2. Discus Fish
  3. Angelfish
  4. Gourami Fish
  5. Parrotfish
  6. Kissing Gourami
  7. Clown Loach
  8. African Arowana Fish
  9. Severum Fish
  10. Red Devil Cichlid
  11. Pacu Fish
  12. Pufferfish
  13. Red-lipped Batfish
  14. FAQ
  15. Conclusion

Why Choose Aquarium Fish With Big Lips?

Discover the top 12 aquarium fish with big lips, perfect for adding a unique and intriguing touch to your underwater ecosystem. These fish bring visually appealing features to your tank and provide fascinating behaviour.

Explore the diverse options available and create a captivating aquatic environment.

Unique And Captivating Underwater Creatures

Adding aquarium fish with big lips to your fish tank can bring a unique and captivating element to your underwater world. These fish are unlike any other species you may have seen before, with their prominent and eye-catching lips that add an intriguing charm to your aquarium. Their distinctive appearance sets them apart from the ordinary, making them an excellent choice for those looking to create an extraordinary aquatic display.

Adds Personality And Charm To Your Aquarium

Aquarium fish with big lips not only stand out visually but also contribute to your aquarium’s overall personality and charm. With their striking features, these fish become the centre of attention, creating a focal point that draws the eye of anyone who gazes into your tank. Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned aquarist, these unique creatures can bring a sense of wonder and fascination to your aquatic environment.

Moreover, these fish can provide endless entertainment as they swim gracefully around the tank, showcasing their distinctive features. Their lips add a touch of character and playfulness to the underwater scenery, making your aquarium a delightful sight to behold. Whether you are relaxing by the tank or entertaining guests, these fish are sure to be a topic of conversation and admiration.

You create a truly unique underwater world by selecting aquarium fish with big lips. They bring personality, charm, and a touch of whimsy to any aquarium, elevating it from a mere aquatic display to a captivating work of living art. So why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary?

Discus Fish

The Discus Fish is one of the most elegant aquarium species, known for its vibrant colours and unique beauty. These fish have a distinct feature that sets them apart from other species – their prominent lips. Let’s dive deeper into the fascinating world of Discus Fish and discover why they are a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts.

Discus Fish fish with big lips

Elegant Fish With Vibrant Colors

The Discus fish boasts an array of vibrant colours, making it a captivating addition to any aquarium. From dazzling shades of red, blue, green, and orange, these fish showcase an exquisite palette that is truly a sight to behold. Their elegant and graceful swimming style adds to their charm, making them a favourite choice among aquarists who appreciate aesthetics.

Prominent Lips Add To Their Beauty

One of the most striking features of the Discus Fish is its prominent lips. These large, pouty lips enhance their overall beauty and give them a unique and distinctive appearance. The lips, combined with their round shape and smooth skin, create a captivating visual effect that mesmerizes anyone who lays eyes on them. Their plump lips are perfect for grabbing and sifting through food, showcasing their adaptability to the aquatic environment.

Requires Specific Water Conditions And Care

Specific water conditions and care are crucial to ensure the well-being of Discus Fish. These fish are native to the Amazon River basin, where the water is warm, soft, and slightly acidic. To replicate their natural habitat, it’s essential to maintain a stable temperature between 82°F and 86°F (28°C and 30°C) and a pH level around 6.0 to 7.5.

Additionally, providing them with adequate space is essential as discus Fish thrive in larger tanks. The minimum tank size recommended is 40 gallons, but larger tanks offer a more comfortable environment for these fish to swim and explore. Maintaining excellent water quality by using a filtration system and regularly monitoring and adjusting the parameters as needed is crucial.

The diet of Discus Fish should consist of high-quality flakes or pellets specially formulated for their nutritional needs. Supplementing their diet with frozen or live foods like bloodworms and brine shrimp will help provide a balanced and varied diet.

In conclusion, the Discus Fish is an extraordinary species that deserves a special place in any aquarium. Their elegant appearance, vibrant colours, and prominent lips make them an eye-catching addition to any fish tank. However, providing them with the specific water conditions and care they require is essential to ensure their well-being and longevity. With the proper setup, these captivating fish will bring beauty and tranquillity to your aquatic haven.


Angelfish are graceful fish with triangular lips that uniquely charm any aquarium. These mesmerizing creatures are available in various colour patterns, making them popular among aquarium enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the classic silver angelfish or the vibrant blue, orange, or black varieties, you will find an angelfish that suits your preference.

Angelfish fish with big lips

Graceful Fish With Triangular-shaped Lips

Angelfish are known for their elegant appearance, enhanced by their distinctive triangular-shaped lips. These lips give them a majestic and regal look that captivates onlookers. Their streamlined bodies and elongated dorsal fins further contribute to their overall grace. The unique combination of their lips and body shape makes angelfish a visually stunning addition to any aquarium.

Available In Various Color Patterns

What sets angelfish apart from other aquarium fish is their incredible variety of colour patterns. From the classic silver angelfish with vertical black stripes to the mesmerizing blue angelfish with black-tipped fins, a wide range of colours can choose from. Angelfish also come in striking shades of orange, black, and even marbled or zebra patterns. No matter your colour preference, angelfish offers a vibrant and eye-catching display that will enhance the beauty of your aquarium.

Suitable For Community Aquariums

Not only are angelfish visually stunning, but they are also well-suited for community aquariums. They are generally peaceful and can coexist with various other fish species. However, it is essential to consider the size and temperament of other fish when selecting tank mates for your angelfish. Avoid pairing them with overly aggressive or fin-nipping species to maintain a serene and harmonious tank environment.

In conclusion, angelfish are a top choice for aquarium enthusiasts due to their graceful appearance and unique triangular-shaped lips. Their wide range of colour patterns and suitability for community aquariums offer a visually striking and peaceful addition to any tank. So, why not add a touch of elegance to your aquarium with these beautiful angelfish?

Gourami Fish

The Gourami is a popular fish known for its kissing gourami species. With their rounded lips, these fish have a distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other species in the aquarium world. They are visually appealing, and their peaceful nature makes them great tank mates for other fish. In this section, we will explore the unique characteristics of the Gourami and why it is a must-have in any aquarium with big-lipped fish.

Gourami Fish fish with big lips

Popular Fish Known For Its Kissing Gourami Species

The Gourami is famous for its kissing gourami species, known for its fascinating behaviour of locking lips. This behaviour is often seen during courtship rituals or territorial disputes between males. When two kissing gouramis press their lips together, it creates a mesmerizing display that aquarium enthusiasts love to watch. This engaging behaviour makes the Gourami a star attraction in any aquarium.

Rounded Lips Give Them A Distinctive Appearance

One of the standout features of the Gourami is its rounded lips, which give it a distinctive appearance. These plump lips add charm to their overall beauty and make them stand out among other fish in the tank. The size and shape of the lips can vary depending on the species and individual variations, but they always add a touch of uniqueness to these fish.

Whether small and delicate or large and pouty, the rounded lips of gouramis give them a visually striking look that aquarium hobbyists love. The prominent lips of gouramis also help them capture food efficiently, making them skilled at foraging for their meals in the aquarium.

Peaceful Nature Makes Them Great Tank Mates

The Gourami’s peaceful nature makes it an excellent choice for community tanks. These fish are known for their calm and non-aggressive temperament, making them ideal tank mates for various other species. They rarely show any signs of aggression towards their tank mates and are usually quite accommodating.

Gouramis in your aquarium can create a harmonious and serene environment, especially when paired with other peaceful fish species. Their calm demeanour promotes a stress-free atmosphere in the tank, which is essential for the well-being of all its inhabitants.

Additionally, the Gourami’s peaceful behaviour extends to their interactions with humans. These fish generally tolerate human presence and can be friendly with their caretakers. This makes them a delight to observe and interact with, adding another layer of enjoyment to owning them.


Parrotfish is among the best 12 aquarium fish with big lips, adding a vibrant splash of colour to any aquatic habitat. With their unique beak-like mouths, these fish will captivate any aquarium enthusiast.

If you’re searching for a fish species that stands out with its eye-catching features, then the Parrotfish should be on the top of your list. These magnificent creatures are famous for their big, fleshy lips, making them a stunning addition to any aquarium. Discover their various colours and patterns and the requirements for maintaining these unique aquatic beauties.

Parrotfish fish with big lips

Eye-catching Fish With Big, Fleshy Lips

The Parrotfish takes the spotlight when it comes to a fish with big lips. With their vibrant and alluring features, these fish will surely capture the attention of anyone who sees them. Their distinct lips, resembling a parrot’s beak, give them their characteristic name and make them instantly recognizable in the underwater world. The lips, which can be colourful and prominently sized, add to the allure of these fascinating creatures.

A Variety Of Colors And Patterns Available

One of the remarkable aspects of Parrotfish is the wide range of colours and patterns they display. From vibrant reds, oranges, and blues to more subtle shades of green and yellow, these fish offer a diverse and eye-catching array of colours that can enhance the beauty of any aquarium. Some species showcase intricate patterns or iridescent scales, creating a stunning visual display when swimming gracefully through the water. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or a more delicate and understated appearance, there is a Parrotfish variety that will suit your preference.

Requires A Spacious Aquarium

To ensure the health and well-being of Parrotfish, it is crucial to provide them with a spacious aquarium that accommodates their need for ample swimming room. These fish can grow quite large, reaching sizes of up to 1.5 feet in some species, so a minimum tank size of 50 gallons is recommended for a single Parrotfish. Additionally, remember that they are active swimmers, so providing enough open space for them to explore and move around is essential. Adequate filtration and regular maintenance are also crucial in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for these magnificent creatures to thrive.

Kissing Gourami

Kissing Gourami is an extraordinary fish known for its unique kissing behaviour. With their large lips, these fish take their kissing actions to a new level. These hardy and adaptable fish make a fantastic addition to any aquarium.

Kissing Gourami fish with big lips

Known For Its Unique Kissing Behavior

The Kissing Gourami is named after its distinct behaviour of puckering up and “kissing” other fish. This unusual action is a territorial display and a form of communication. When two Kissing Gouramis meet, they extend their lips and push them against each other, giving the impression of kissing. It’s a fascinating sight to behold; observing this behaviour can provide hours of entertainment.

Large Lips Enhance Their Kissing Actions

The Kissing Gourami’s large, plump lips are designed to enhance their kissing actions. These fish have lips that are significantly thicker and more pronounced compared to other species. The lips may appear funny or exaggerated, but they serve an essential purpose. The large lips allow the fish to create a better seal and have a more substantial impact during their ‘kissing’ displays, making their interactions more dynamic and engaging.

Hardy And Adaptable Fish

Not only are Kissing Gouramis fascinating to watch, but they are also hardy and adaptable fish. This means they can thrive in various water conditions and easily adjust to different environments. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, you can enjoy the beauty of these fish without worrying too much about their care requirements.

Additionally, Kissing Gouramis are known for their ability to withstand less-than-ideal water conditions, including slight fluctuations in temperature and pH level. Their adaptability makes them an excellent choice for both freshwater and brackish aquariums. With proper care and a suitable tank setup, you can provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for these charming fish.

To conclude, if you are searching for an aquarium fish with big lips that adds a touch of uniqueness and entertainment to your aquarium, the Kissing Gourami fits the bill. Their distinctive kissing behaviour, enhanced by their large lips, will surely provide a delightful spectacle for any fish enthusiast.

Clown Loach

The Clown Loach is one of the best aquarium fish with big lips. Its vibrant colours and playful nature make it popular among fish enthusiasts. With its distinctive appearance and lively personality, the Clown Loach adds a touch of charm to any aquarium.

The Clown Loach is a playful and entertaining fish with big lips. With their striking colour patterns and markings, these loaches will add a vibrant touch to your aquarium. They require a well-established aquarium to thrive, as they are sensitive to water conditions. Here’s why the Clown Loach is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts.

Clown Loach fish with big lips

Playful And Entertaining Fish With Big Lips

The Clown Loach is known for its playful and entertaining behaviour, making it a delight to observe in the aquarium. These loaches are active swimmers and love to explore their surroundings, making them an excellent addition for those looking for an engaging fish to watch. Their big lips give them a unique and charming appearance, making them a hobbyist favourite.

Striking Color Patterns And Markings

One of the most striking features of the Clown Loach is its vibrant colour patterns and markings. These fish display vertical stripes between deep orange and black, creating a captivating visual display. As they mature, the colours intensify, adding even more beauty to your aquarium. Their vibrant appearance makes them the centrepiece of any aquatic setup.

Requires A Well-established Aquarium

To keep Clown Loaches happy and healthy, providing them with a well-established aquarium is essential. These fish require stable water conditions, including a pH level between 6 and 7.5 and a temperature range of 75 to 86°F (24 to 30°C). A spacious tank with plenty of hiding spots, such as caves or driftwood, will ensure they have adequate space to explore and feel secure.

Clown Loaches are social creatures and should be kept in groups of five or more. Their playful nature shines through when they are among their kind, engaging in playful interactions and group dynamics. It is important to note that these fish can grow quite large, reaching up to 12 inches (30 cm) in length. Therefore, a spacious aquarium is essential to accommodate their size. To maintain the water quality, regular water changes and filtration are vital. Clown Loaches are sensitive to changes in water conditions, so ensuring a well-established and well-maintained aquarium will contribute to their overall health and well-being.

In conclusion, the Clown Loach is ideal for aquarium enthusiasts who want a playful and entertaining fish with big lips. Their striking colour patterns and markings make them a visually stunning addition to any aquarium. You can enjoy their playful antics for years to come by providing them with a well-established aquarium. So, consider adding the Clown Loach to your aquatic family and witness the joy they bring to your underwater world.

African Arowana Fish

African Arowana, also known as Heterotis niloticus, is a magnificent freshwater fish with a striking appearance and unique features. One of the most prominent features of this fish is its beautifully developed fleshy lips, which contribute to its overall charm.

African Arowana Fish fish with big lips

Known For Its Aggressive Behavior

Although African Arowana showcases a captivating appearance, it also possesses a reputation for its aggressive behaviour. This species can be territorial and assertive when defending its space. It is crucial to remember this while planning their tank mates and setup.

Requires A Large Tank And Experienced Aquarists

To ensure the well-being of an African Arowana, it requires a spacious environment that mimics its natural habitat. Therefore, an adequately sized tank is essential. These majestic fish need ample swimming space and appropriate hiding spots, allowing them to thrive. It is vital to note that maintaining an aquarium suitable for African Arowana encompasses specific challenges. Therefore, experienced aquarists are a valuable asset in providing proper care and addressing potential issues.

Remember that African Arowana is a high-maintenance fish that demands strict water quality parameters. Diligent monitoring of water conditions is crucial to ensure their health and longevity.

Severum Fish

Severum is a large freshwater fish species with its thick lips and vibrant colours. These unique features make it a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts. The peaceful nature of Severum also adds to its appeal, as it can coexist harmoniously with other fish in a community tank. However, providing them with suitable hiding spots and ample swimming space is essential to ensure their well-being.

Severum cichlid fish with big lips

Large Fish With Thick Lips And Vibrant Colors

One of the most striking characteristics of the Severum is its large size, which makes it a standout in any aquarium. This species’ thick lips add to its distinctive appearance, giving it a unique charm that captivates onlookers. Additionally, severum cichlid are known for their vibrant colours, making them a visual spectacle in aquariums. Whether you opt for the stunning red variety or the beautiful green and gold morphs, the Severum will surely add a pop of colour to your aquatic display.

Peaceful Nature Makes Them Suitable For Community Tanks

Unlike other large fish species, which may exhibit aggressive behaviour, Severums are known for their peaceful nature. This makes them an excellent choice for community tanks, where they can coexist with diverse fish species. Their calm demeanour ensures that conflicts and territorial disputes are minimal. Keeping Severums with other peaceful fish species creates a serene and harmonious underwater environment.

Requires Hiding Spots And Ample Swimming Space

While Severums are known for their peaceful nature, they still have specific habitat requirements that must be met for optimal health and well-being. These fish thrive when provided with ample hiding spots, such as caves or driftwood, where they can retreat and feel secure. Additionally, severum cichlid require much swimming space due to their large size. Providing enough room to roam and explore helps mimic their natural habitat and ensures they remain active and healthy.

Red Devil Cichlid

The Red Devil Cichlid is one of the top fish choices for your aquarium with its big lips and vibrant colouration. Its unique appearance and active nature will surely make it a focal point in your tank.

Red Devil Cichlid fish with big lips

Robust Fish With Pronounced Lips And Fiery Red Color

The Red Devil Cichlid, scientifically known as Amphilophus labiatus, is a remarkable aquarium fish with a fierce appearance. It earns its name not only from its aggressive temperament but also from its distinctively large and pronounced lips. These lips give the fish a unique and formidable presence in the aquarium.

One of the most striking features of the Red Devil Cichlid is its fiery red colouration. This vibrant hue adds to its intimidating appearance, making it a captivating addition to any aquarium. The bright red shade of the Red Devil Cichlid is one of its most sought-after characteristics, drawing the attention of aquarium enthusiasts worldwide.

Highly Territorial And Aggressive

As captivating as the Red Devil Cichlid may be, it is essential to note that this species is highly territorial and can display aggressive behaviour. They are notorious for their tendency to claim their territories within the aquarium, and their aggression is especially pronounced during breeding and spawning seasons.

Due to their territorial nature, providing ample space and hiding spots in the aquarium is crucial to minimize conflict with other fish species. The Red Devil Cichlid should ideally be housed in a spacious tank with plenty of room for swimming and establishing its territory. Additionally, choosing tankmates wisely and allocating enough hiding places to reduce confrontations within the aquarium is recommended.

Suitable For Experienced Aquarium Enthusiasts

While the Red Devil Cichlid’s striking appearance and unique behaviour make it an enticing choice for many aquarium enthusiasts, it is essential to consider the experience required to care for this species successfully. Due to their aggressive nature and territorial tendencies, the Red Devil Cichlid is generally more suitable for experienced aquarium keepers with the knowledge and skills to manage their care effectively. Novice hobbyists may find it challenging to provide the ideal environment and address the aggression-related concerns of this particular fish species.

Nevertheless, with the right expertise and understanding, the Red Devil Cichlid can thrive in a well-maintained aquarium. The rewarding experience of observing their vibrant colours and observing their unique behaviour makes it worth the effort for seasoned aquarium enthusiasts.

Pacu Fish

Resembling a piranha with its prominent, luscious lips, the Pacu is a fascinating aquarium fish that can make a striking addition to your tank. Known for their unique and eye-catching appearance, Pacus are popular among aquarists who want a standout fish in their collection.

Pacu Fish fish with big lips

Resembles A Piranha With Its Prominent Lips

The Pacu is closely related to the infamous piranha and shares a similar appearance, particularly regarding their prominent lips. However, unlike their carnivorous counterparts, Pacus have a herbivorous diet, making them a safer choice for your aquarium.

Can Reach A Large Size And Requires A Spacious Tank

One crucial aspect to consider before adding a Pacu to your aquarium is its potential size. These fish can grow quite large, reaching up to three feet long and weighing close to 88 pounds in the wild. Therefore, providing them with a spacious tank that allows them to swim freely without feeling cramped or restricted is vital.

Additionally, Pacus produce significant waste due to their size and dietary habits. Regular tank maintenance is essential to ensure the water quality remains optimal for their well-being.

Herbivorous Diet

The Pacu’s herbivorous diet sets it apart from many other aquarium fish. These fish primarily feed on plants, fruits, and nuts, making it essential to provide them with a varied and vegetation-rich diet. Feeding them a wide range of leafy greens, vegetables, and specially formulated pellets will ensure they receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

In conclusion, the Pacu’s striking appearance, large size, and herbivorous diet make it a unique and fascinating addition to any aquarium. However, it’s crucial to consider their size and specific care requirements to ensure their well-being and the overall health of your aquarium.


The pufferfish, also known as blowfish or boxfish, is an incredibly fascinating aquatic creature. Its adorable fish and distinctive mouth shape have become famous to many aquarium enthusiasts.

Pufferfish fish with big lips

Adorable Fish With A Distinctive Mouth Shape

The pufferfish is undoubtedly one of the most adorable aquarium fish due to its unique mouth shape. Big, plump lips and a small mouth give the impression of a charmingly grumpy expression. Its mouth is filled with tiny, powerful teeth, which it uses to crush the hard shells of its prey.

These fish come in various colours and patterns, making them visually appealing additions to any aquarium. Whether you choose a spotted pufferfish or a striped one, they will be a delightful and eye-catching presence in your underwater oasis.

Capable Of Inflating When Threatened

One of the most intriguing capabilities of the pufferfish is its ability to inflate itself when it feels threatened. When faced with danger, it quickly gulps water or air, increasing its body to nearly double its standard size. This extraordinary defence mechanism helps the pufferfish appear larger and more intimidating to potential predators.

However, it is essential to note that pufferfish should never be intentionally stressed or frightened into inflating. Doing so can be harmful and even fatal to them. So, as a responsible aquarium owner, it’s crucial to provide them with a safe and peaceful environment where they can feel secure.

Sensitive To Water Conditions And Diet

Pufferfish are sensitive creatures, especially regarding water conditions and diet. Proper care and attention must be given to ensure their well-being.

  1. Water conditions: Pufferfish require pristine water conditions to thrive. Monitoring and maintaining water parameters such as temperature, pH levels, and salinity are essential to keep them healthy.
  2. Diet: These fish have specific dietary needs. Their diet primarily consists of a variety of small crustaceans, snails, and molluscs. High-quality commercial pufferfish pellets or frozen foods specially formulated for their nutritional requirements can also be included in their diet.

It’s crucial to note that pufferfish have beak-like teeth, which continually grow and need to be worn down. Providing them with hard-shelled food items like snails or crustaceans helps keep their teeth healthy and appropriately sized.

By maintaining optimal water conditions and offering a balanced diet, you can ensure your pufferfish’s long-term health and happiness.

Red-lipped Batfish

The Red-lipped Batfish is a remarkable creature that stands out among other aquarium fish with its unique physical features. As the name suggests, this fish has bright red lips, making it a stunning addition to any aquatic display. However, their distinctive appearance is not the only thing that sets them apart – they also require a specialized setup and diet to thrive.

Red-lipped Batfish fish with big lips

Uniquely Shaped Fish With Bright Red Lips

The Red-lipped Batfish is recognizable by its unusual body shape and striking colouration. Its body is flat and elongated, almost resembling a bat. However, its bright red lips capture attention, giving it a quirky and endearing appearance. This standout feature makes it a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their collection.

Found In The Galapagos Islands Region

Native to the Pacific Ocean’s waters around the Galapagos Islands, the Red-lipped Batfish can be found dwelling in rocky reefs and coastal areas. These islands are known for their rich biodiversity and unique marine life, making them a natural habitat for this extraordinary species. If you’re lucky enough to spot one in the wild, you’ll be treated to a glimpse of nature’s wonders.

Requires A Specialized Setup And Diet

Maintaining Red-lipped Batfish in an aquarium requires careful consideration of their specific needs. These fish thrive in a setup miming their natural habitat, providing plenty of hiding spots, rocky structures, and low lighting. Additionally, they have unique dietary requirements that should be met to ensure their well-being.

A proper diet for the Red-lipped Batfish consists mainly of small crustaceans, such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and copepods. Providing a balanced and varied menu to meet their nutritional needs is essential. Additionally, regular water testing and maintenance are crucial to keep the aquarium environment stable and suitable for survival.

Overall, the Red-lipped Batfish is an intriguing and captivating addition to any aquarium. Its unusual appearance and the challenge of providing a specialized setup and diet make it a rewarding choice for experienced aquarists seeking an extraordinary aquatic companion.


What Fish Has Big Lips In The Fish Tank?

The fish with big lips found in fish tanks is the angelfish. Its unique feature adds charm to any aquarium.

What Fish Has A Big Wide Mouth?

The fish with a big, wide mouth is the gulper eel. It has an elastic jaw allows it to swallow prey bigger than itself. Its large mouth helps capture food easily.

What Fish Has Big Teeth And Big Lips?

The fish with big teeth and big lips is the Goliath grouper. Its prominent teeth and lips help it catch and devour prey efficiently.

What Is The Fish That Looks Like It Has Big Lips?

The fish with big lips is known as the “Pouting fish. ” Its fleshy, protruding lips give it a unique appearance.


To sum up, the world of aquarium fish offers a diverse range of captivating species with big lips. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aquarist, these 12 fish provide a stunning addition to any tank. From the enchanting Angel Fish to the charismatic Kissing Gourami, these lip-endowed beauties bring colour and charm into your aquatic habitat.

Remember to research and ensure compatibility with your tank mates before adding any new fish. Happy fish keeping!