Different List Names and Types of Betta Fish In 2022

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There are many different names and types of betta fish. Betta fish may sometimes be referred to by their scientific name which is the Betta Splendens. They are also called as siamese fighting fish. As a result of breeding by experts, they have taken an extensive range of colors, fin types and patterns. There exist many different betta fish names depending on the color, pattern and fin types. It is hard to name all betta fish types here as it makes a very long list. We will discuss the most important types of betta fish and the betta fish names.

Different List Names and Types of Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are popular among new aquarists. They are small, brightly colored fish with distinct personalities. They’ve been cross-bred for years, resulting in the most incredible colorations and tail variations. They don’t need much care, and their physiology and behavior are quite captivating and amazing.

This fish can learn to recognize their owners and makes bubble nests. Betta fish have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air because their gills do not always get enough oxygen from the surrounding water.

Bettas can be classified based on the shape of their tails, their patterns, and finally their colors.

Tails can range in length from long and flowing to short and neat. Body patterns can also vary greatly, from multi-colored to single body patterns.

Their color, on the other hand, is the most noticeable feature. Betta fish have been bred in all of the rainbow’s colors.

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There are hundreds of different Betta types available when you combine all of the different tail shapes, colors, and patterns, and no two fish are alike.

Some Types of Betta Fish are:

  • Crowntail Betta
  • Veiltail Betta
  • Plakat Betta
  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Double Tail Betta
  • Elephant Ear Betta/Dumbo Betta
  • Delta Tail Betta
  • Rosetail Betta
  • Combtail Betta
  • Round Tail
  • Spade Tail
  •  Over-Halfmoon
  • Super Delta
  • Half-Sun
  • Feathertail

Crowntail Betta

Crowntail Betta

One of the most popular freshwater fish is the crowntail betta. This species is relatively new, having been bred for the first time around 25 years ago by Ahmad Yusuf in Indonesia.

This species’ fins have a long spikey crown appearance, but if the webbing extends more than 2/3 up the tail, it is classified as a different type – the Combtail Betta.

Males have vibrant colors and long fins and tails, but females look quite different.

Females typically have lighter colors, a shorter tail, and a less majestic overall appearance.

Veiltail Betta

Veiltail Betta

This is yet another popular variation of the tail type that is widely available.

The male of this variation has a long, swooping tail that flows downwards. It comes in a variety of color variations, and the overall appearance is quite impressive.

If you want to breed Betta fish, you should know that this is the dominant tail type over other variations, making it one of the easiest to breed.

The female is yet another anomaly. She does not have any of the male’s distinguishing characteristics, but she does have bright colors on occasion. Females have lighter coloring and shorter fins and tails.

Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta

Plakat bettas have short and round tails, unlike most betta fish. They are nearly the exception rather than the rule. When compared to other species, their fins are also quite short. Nonetheless, the male exhibits stunning colors.

This betta type is thought to be the natural form that would have been found in the wild.

Plakat is derived from the Thai word “plakad,” which means “fighting fish.” These fish were frequently used and bred for fighting purposes.

Halfmoon Betta

Halfmoon Betta

Halfmoon Betta’s name is self-explanatory. The tail is large, forming a half-circle resembling the shape of a half-moon.

This species is only found in captivity and cannot be found in the wild.

Halfmoon Bettas are frequently bred by experts to exhibit at Betta shows. The Halfmoon Betta, which was first bred in the 1980s, quickly spread throughout Europe and became internationally famous.

These fish can be difficult to breed and exhibit more aggressive behavior.

Double Tail Betta

Double Tail Betta

The Double Tail is easily identified by its two distinct tails that are separated from the base. This variation is distinguished by a larger and longer dorsal fin and a shorter body.

This gene can be found in any Betta, regardless of tail shape or size.

This frequently means that single tail Bettas already have double tail characteristics like dorsal fins with more rays than normal, giving them a richer appearance.

Elephant Ear Betta/Dumbo Betta

Elephant Ear Betta/Dumbo Betta

This is a one-of-a-kind fish that does not fit into any of the tail or color categories. Instead, its pectoral fins distinguish it.

Elephant Ear Bettas, also known as Dumbo Bettas, have a distinctive shape. The fins of this variation are usually quite amusing, with brilliant striking colorations.

The name is derived from the two pectoral fins that resemble elephant ears.

These are also found in the wild, but they have a duller coloration of dark green, grey, and brown. More vibrant colors, such as bright blue, turquoise, red, and yellow, can be found in the aquarium trade.

Delta Tail Betta

Delta Tail Betta

The Delta Tail Betta has a very long tail. It is named after the Greek letter d because the shape of the tail resembles the letter delta (). The tail begins to narrow towards the body and widens toward the edges, resembling the Greek letter’s triangular shape.

There is also a known variation known as the Super Delta. This variation nearly reaches a 180-degree flare.

A normal delta tail’s spread is typically much smaller. There is no combing or crowing on the tail edges.

Rosetail Betta

Rosetail Betta

The Rosetail Betta is a half-moon variation in which the total spread of the caudal fin is greater than 180°.

The rays of the tail are particularly branchy in this variation. This branching gives the fish a striking appearance and gives the caudal fin the appearance of a rose.

If the tail becomes particularly branchy and ruffled, it is classified as a Feathertail.

Other Tail Types

Combtail Betta, Round Tail, Spade Tail, Over-Halfmoon, Super Delta, Half-Sun, and Feathertail are some other tail types.

  • Crowntail Bettas are similar to Combtail Bettas. The length of the webbing and the rays are what distinguishes them. Combtails have webbing that extends more than two-thirds of the way up the tail.
  • The only difference between Roundtail Bettas and Deltas is the shape of the tail edges. The tail edges of roundtails are completely rounded.
  • Spade tails get their name from the spade in a deck of cards because the shape of the tail is identical to this round and pointy shape.
  • The Over Halfmoon is a more extreme Half Moon. The tail wraps around the body at an angle of more than 180°.
  • Half Moons and Crowntails were selectively bred to create the Half-Sun. The tail and fins have a crowning among rays and webbing that extends over 180° around the body.


Some Betta Fish may be a single color, whereas others may be a rainbow of colors.

They can be any color of the rainbow, including black, white, electric blue, translucent skin, copper, green, and others.

Some of Betta Fish colors are:

  • Blue Betta Fish
  • Black Orchid Betta
  • Red Betta Fish
  • Pink Betta Fish
  • Rose Petal Betta
  • Yellow Betta Fish
  • White Betta Fish
  • Purple Betta Fish
  • Green Betta Fish
  • Mustard Gas Betta


The pattern is the final way to differentiate between the various types of Betta Fish.

Colors can be arranged in different patterns on their body and fins, making this fish unique and well-liked by the fishkeeping community.

Some of the color patterns of betta fish are:

  • Dragon Scale Betta
  • Butterfly Betta
  • Marble Betta
  • Koi Betta

Names For Betta Fish

Because our fish are silent and confined to their aquariums, they should not go unnamed! Apart from their ability to recognize you, names are some of the most personable aspects of fish.

So, what kind of name do you think best describes your Betta fish? Let’s take a look at how to choose a Betta fish name!

How Do I Choose a Betta Fish Name?

Here are a few category ideas to help you think of some similar ideas:

Popular Inspirational Sources

If you can’t think of a name for your Betta fish, I recommend spending some time simply watching it! What distinguishes him or her? Are they very active? Despite having been in your care for a few weeks, he’s a little shy.

What about their physical appearance? Is there a pattern that reminds you of a favorite character, or a dominant color that demands attention?

Finally, what qualities do you seek in a name? Do you want something that will make you laugh, think, or feel, or simply describe your fish in a functional way?

There are numerous options for naming your Betta fish. That’s why I’ve created the following lists to spark your imagination as you embark on your Betta fish adventure! Even if the exact name you’re looking for isn’t in any of these tables, each list touches on common themes that may lead you to an entirely new discovery!

Male or female?

Before you choose a name for your Betta, you should determine whether it is male or female. While many of these names are appropriate for either sex, there are a few that are better suited for one or the other.

Male Bettas have the long fins, brilliant colors, and fiery tempers that have made these fish famous around the world. They are often kept alone in separate bowls because they are intolerant and aggressive, but they really need a bit of aquarium swimming space to feel happy and healthy.

Female Bettas have regular fins and are much nicer to one another. They aren’t usually as colorful, so they’re a little harder to come by in the hobby. If you decide to breed your Bettas, you’ll need to find a few after you’ve decided on names for them all!

Here are some sex-specific Betta names to consider for both male and female Bettas!

Male Betta Fish Names

JonahJordanLeoLeonidasLouisLu BuLuke
SaulSharkSpartacusSpikeSun TzuTheordoreZulu

Some Best Male Betta Fish Names:

  • Bear: a large, older male bear Bettas frequently develop hunchbacks, long flowing fins, and a bad temper. All of this is described in four simple letters by Bear.
  • Finn: I like this name because it’s both humorous and traditionally male. After all, it’s the fins that drew us to Bettas in the first place!
  • Scout: is a great Betta fish name for the adventurous type. Bettas are constantly searching for scraps of food, busy tank mates, or other Bettas to show off to when kept nice and warm.
  • Tank: this is a great name for both the pun and the literal descriptive factor. He’s in a tank, and he’s built like one! … Do you get it?

Female Betta Fish Names


Some Best Female Betta Fish Names:

  • Alyssa:is a timeless, popular female name that is appropriate for both humans and Bettas!
  • Elsa:is the wildly popular “Frozen” heroine. Perfect for your blue, white, or purple female Betta! Just make certain she has a heater!
  • Olivia: is one of the top five most popular girl baby names in the United States right now. You’ve probably met an Olivia, so why not turn it into a Betta fish name?
  • Queen: What better name could there be for a stately female Betta than Queen? While not aggressive, female Bettas are confident and stately, often living peacefully in betta fish sororities; groups of princesses led by a single dominant queen!
  • Zelda: is the feminine form of the Yiddish name Selig, which means “blessed.” Today, it is best known for its connection to the Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda.”

Ethnic Betta Fish Names

Thai Betta Fish Names:

Lang-TaiMaleeMeakerMekongMuay ThaiNaga
NaresuanNearideiNuk SooOlanOudomPhra Mae Thorani
Queen SikiritRamaRanseiSamnangSiamThaiThai

Asian Betta Fish Names:


Greek Betta Fish Names:


Color-based Betta Fish Names

Red Betta Fish Names:


Blue Betta Fish Names:

AdmiralAegeanAquamarineArcticAsulAzureBaby BlueBlue

Black Betta Fish Names:

AshBlack PearlChocolateCocoaCoffeeCoffee BeanColaCole

Yellow & Orange Betta Fish Names:


Rainbow Betta Fish Names:


Funny and Cool Betta Fish Names

AegirAlgaemakerAnd ChipsAnn ChovyAqualadAquamanArielAtlantis
BaitBarbieBetta FettBetta maxBetta WhiteBettamaleBettamanBones
Bubble FettButchCaptain HookCevicheChumCujoDexterDJ Betta
DonatelloErieFeatherweightFidoFinleyFishFish StickFishboy
FishgirlFishyFloaterFlounderFriedGastonGenghis KarpGill Clinton
GoldyH2OHarley FinnJabberjawJacques CosteauJawsJumboKermit
LeonardoMagikarpMarlinMelvilleMichael PhelpsMichelangeloMoby DickNemo
Swim ShadyTartar SauceTinyTsunamiTunaTuna TurnerWasabi

Personality-based Betta Fish Names


Pop Culture Betta Fish Names

BarneyBaxterBlutoBoba FettBoltBoomerBowserBruce Wayne
HedwigHerculesHobbesHoney BunnyJabbaJafarJaimeJasmine
PlutoPoRileyRin Tin TinRobinRocketRockyScooby
SullyTazThanosThorTom NookTrampTrinityTywin

Meme Inspired Betta Fish Names

ErmahgerdFailGangnamGoslingGrumpy Cat
RickrollSlender ManTrolloloWonka


Believe it or not, there are as many possible Betta fish names and types as there are for any other pet! From classic and timeless to the most recent pop culture or meme references, there’s a name for your pet Betta! Good luck deciding, and please let me know if there is a name you believe belongs in this collection!

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